Saturday, November 7, 2009

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Orianthi in Minneapolis this morning on a whirlwind tour promoting her 'Believe' CD, out in the stores right now!

Yesterday, 11-03-09 she was in Denver promoting her recently
released 'Believe' CD via CHR radio. As she tweeted her day to
loyal followers Tues. evening it would be Minneapolis the next
stop on her whirlwind tour of the US.
That was my cue to get organized to meet, & greet Orianthi &
her bandmates at KDWB fm. The interview was slated for 8:15am
(cst) which meant I would have to be to bed early, and rise very
early for the drive north from Rochester, MN. After some last
minute fact finding and directions to the right building I was at
my post in the 4th floor elevator lobby of the radio station group
by 7:30am. I solemnly stood my post until their arrival about
7:50am. Still enjoying her morning Starbucks, Ori answered all
my questions about her guitar up-bringing, musical influences,
and introduced me to her band-mates. She readily agreed to pose
for a photo before hurrying away into the locked passageways
of the radio station in preparation for the 8:15am interview.
Mission Accomplished! Keep an eye out, and an ear open for
this highly gifted guitar-slinging, pop songstress!

ORI & Steve
I'm still giddy!

Monday, November 2, 2009

NO CAP & TAX....Facts, NOT FICTION on Climate Change!

No single piece of legislation could affect your pocketbook MORE
than this! BE INFORMED, for the mainstream media does NOT
want you to know!