Thursday, April 30, 2009

holy crabcakes Batman!

I always look forward
to opening my e-mail
when I notice that my friend Kylie from
Australia has dropped me a line. Often she sends
stuff like this. Australian's obviously know that
mother nature
has bestowed upon them some very
inhabitants to their corner of the world.

COCONUT CRABS (Birgus latro)
Fancy putting the bins out and finding this

Coconut Crab (Birgus latro) is the largest terrestrial arthropod in
the world. It is known for its ability to crack coconuts with its
strong pincers in order to eat the contents.

It is sometimes called the robber crab because some coconut
crabs are rumored to steal shiny items such as pots and silverware
from houses and tents.

The second photo gives you a good idea of how large these crabs
are - a coconut crab is seeking food from a black trashcan.

The coconut crab is a large edible land crab related
to the hermit crab, and are found in the tropical
Indian and Pacific Oceans .
They eat coconuts for a living! How would you
like to be on an island and come across a crab
that is more than 3 feet from head to tail and
weighs up to 40 pounds, with a pair of large
pincers strong enough to open coconuts!
They can climb trees too, but they only eat coconuts
that have already fallen to the ground. Coconut crab
meat has been considered a local delicacy.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Common sense people, common sense!

Computer artwork of an H1N1
influenza A (flu) virus.
In the particle's lipid envelope
(purple) are two types of protein
spike, haemagglutinin (H) and
neuraminidase (N), which
determine the strain of virus.
These are used for recognizing
and binding to the host cell
(Image: PASIEKA / SPL)

Any questions? Do YOU understand the terminology?
WASH YOUR HANDS.........STAY AWAY from large
groups of people who YOU believe would be a potential

Monday, April 27, 2009


The Movie above always gets listed on my top-ten
list, or my top five list, or any list in which I'm asked
to list such favorites. I'm revisiting this chapter of my
life only because I seem to be in a general reflective
mood as of late, and I'd like to share it with you!

During my five year US Navy commitment
(Oct 75' thru Oct 80') I had the distinct pleasure
of being attached to Fighter Squadron 84 (VF-84),
a sea-going F-14 Tomcat Squadron based out of NAS
Qceana in Va Beach, VA.. VF-84 was part of Carrier
Air Wing 8, assigned to the USS Nimitz-CVN 68.
My actual technical area of expertise (or billet) was
that of an AMH; Aviation Structural Mechanic -
Hydraulic Technician, and Line Division Plane Capt..
To simplify, I was a jet mechanic who worked on the
flight deck supervising the efforts of those who inspect
the planes before, and in between flights.

My 5 seconds of fame actually occurs during the rigging of
the aircraft barricade, a device on the deck of the carrier that
is used for the emergency landing of aircraft. Be that as it may,
the only way you would be able to tell that it was me was if I
was there next to your TV pointing it out to you during the movie.
Not what I would call a defining moment in cinematic history.

The TBS Super Channel used to feature this movie back in the
80's & 90's, but hasn't done so recently. Now, it has more of a
'cult-following' than anything else, especially among those who
were somehow affiliated with the Grumman F-14 Tomcat, which
has formally been retired.
Never had I ever imagined I would have been affiliated with an
aircraft that was discontinued! YIKES!

Use the links below to investigate more for yourself. If you're
ever in one of those "what shall I watch moments", or if you
enjoy collecting movies, check out this one. As I said, it gets
a BIG thumbs-up, and the TrainWreckRadio 'Squeal Of Approval'!

Friday, April 24, 2009

just scored FRONT ROW !!

Well......despite the unemployment, and the scaled-back approach
to getting
my ya-ya's out, the summer concert season just might
turn out OK. Lotta
holes though!
Scoring front row seats for Little Big Town today at least helps
overall picture. Rock-On HIPSTERS!
Maybe I'll see YOU on the
summer concert circuit!

MARCH 09 : Above, March 21st - Little Big Town - Prior Lake, MN
APRIL 09 : March31st-April 1st - ZZ TOP Vh-1 Story Tellers - Chicago, Il
MAY 09 : Upcoming, May 14th- Keith Urban - Excel Energy Center - St Paul, MN
JUNE 09 : ________?__________?_________?__________
JULY 09 :
Upcoming, July 26th - Monte Montgomery - Mayo Civic Park, Rochester, MN
AUG 09 : Upcoming, Aug 7th - Little Big Town w/meet & greet - Albert Lea, MN
SEPT 09 : ________?__________?_________?__________
OCT 09 : (RockTober)?__________?_________?__________

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today I am officially 1 year old

Today I am officially 1 year old.

How can that be you ask?
Today is the 1 year anniversary of my
massive heart attack. Stricken at home,
awoke out of a dead sleep, transported,
I went into cardiac arrest on the table at
St Mary's Hospital/Mayo Clinic.

Many life changes would follow, and today,
I am 1 year ALIVE AGAIN.
That's what I strive to do now, stay alive, and live
it to the fullest, one day at a time, of course!

Take care of yourself!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

12:37 am LIVE RADAR - Meteor Shower

This is so cool !
Click the URL below to LISTEN to LIVE
RADAR of the Lyrid Meteors as they are
detected, and fly overhead.

You will hear a definitive 'PING' as the meteor is detected.
I'm heading out to a dark site around 2:30am (cdt) local
Chances are I will UPDATE a little later this morning (Weds)

UPDATE 4:54am
Counted 44 Lyrids in an 80 min. span
of non-stop viewing. (3am-4:20am)
Sky conditions were absolutely 'pristine'
for this viewing session.
Certainly NOT a remarkable event
by any standard.
Hopefully the Geminids in Aug will
yield more.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

absolutely *sic* !!

Whoever captured this impromptu performance of this song
was treated to a very special performance.

Singer-songwriter Monte Montgomery jamming on a Fleetwood Mac
live and unplugged with Steve Bernal on cello and Phil Bass
on percussion. Shot at the old Poor David's Pub location in
Dallas in February 2002.

Forget covering that song any better! I don't believe it can be done.
Monte coming to Rochester, MN on Sunday July 26th for a FREE
PERFORMANCE at Rochester's Down By The Riverside summer
concert series. See you there!
In the mean time check out Monte's website


Monday, April 20, 2009

New String Day

I have been playing the guitar
now for a little
over four years.
You don't know how good it
feels to be able to say that,
(or maybe you do!)
at this point in time I don't
know that
there are many
of us that have taken up
trying to
learn this instrument so late in life. As I state in any legit BIO that I post in any notable location on-line, I consider myself a student of the guitar, even though I have pretty much abandoned formal lessons (the kind where you shell-out $15.00 for a 30 minute weekly session) for quite some time now. Doing so was an economic reality more than anything else. In addition to the obvious level of personal enjoyment and satisfaction that comes with playing LIVE in the living room each evening, I seem to gain just as much enjoyment with a simple 2 hour visit to the guitar store Yes, two a minimum! Actually, it's more like a 4 hour commitment to do so. My favorite guitar store is an hour away, just over the Mississippi in La Crosse, WI. It's the only place I know where I can go and literally play with instruments that I truly cannot afford. Even if I was NOT unemployed, for there is always a budget to contend with, OR, a realization that a person just cannot have everything, even if I could afford it. But that's OK.......

Currently I own two acoustic guitars. A Taylor 214 Grand Auditorium, which was my 'beginner guitar', and currently, my 'thinking guitar' (one I have sitting around, just in case I have an idea for a song). The Taylor was bought new. I also own a McPherson acoustic. I could do an entire (or several) blog entries on it alone, so I will not get into a lot of detail about 'Maggie', other than she is like a Grand Piano in a carrying case. Speaking of case, I could do an entire blog story on Maggie's case ! I also own an A-style (pear-shaped) mandolin, and a 6-string banjo (or banjitar-tuned like a guitar). The banjo-guitar combo and mandolin were purchased as pre-owned from the original owner.
Based on the above list it
would seem like there
no reason to make
trips to the
guitar store.

That's where G.A.S.
comes into play.
G.A.S. = Gear Aquisition Syndrome.
This too, a topic I will elaborate on

during future blog entries.

Today I will change strings on the Taylor 214. The set that is
currently on there has
probably been on there for at least
four months, which is
way beyond the usual cycle.
Unemployment has put me in that position of having to
stretch every note and chord
out of every set. Maybe that's
good, but mostly, it's sad!
But, what trumps it all is that first song after the guitar is strung,
tuned, and warmed-up and ready to go. For me, it's impossible to
describe the warmth and feeling of those first notes & chords.
The fullness, the warmth, the pristine highs, and the ballsy lows.
Typically the first few songs raise goosebumps on my own arms.
My hope is that it would do the same for you!

It's new string's gonna be a great day!


Thursday, April 16, 2009


Janet Napolitano,

Homeland Security Chief
considers people like me a
Right Wing
as does the
mainstream media.

I am unemployed, and have
been since Nov 23rd 2008.

Extremist? Janet
you have seen nothing yet! Extreme? Pl-eeaase !!
(two can play that game)

Have A Nice Day!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Photo's - Rochester, MN 04.15.09


Happy Tax Day!

Attend a local TEA PARTY TODAY!

For lower taxes & smaller government!

Isn't it special that all mainstream
(except one) has not made a
mention of this grassroots effort!
Funny how that works, eh?
~TEA PARTY-ON, Wayne! ~
~TEA PARTY - ON Garth! ~


Monday, April 13, 2009

Pepper growing season is coming!

Suffering today

Well, it's not very often I get cut-down by a good old fashion
head cold, but this one has certainly wacked me pretty good.

I won't complain any more, but I will post the following link as
a reminder to really assess were YOU are at personally.
I know where I'm at, and I hope to feel better so I can attend
the local Tea Party here in Rochester, MN.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

an absolute inspiration!

Perhaps you read last week's posting about Monte Montgomery. This is the guy who inspired me to finally go out (after many years of procrastination) and purchase a quality instrument/s, sign-up for lessons, and learn the guitar. I continued with lessons for about 8 months. I still consider myself a student of the instrument. Not bad for an old dude who took up playing at the tender age of 4__, eh? I've been playing for a little over 4 years now. Remember Monte's name, and should he come to your town, please go see him!
I will buy your tickets if you like! He's coming here to Rochester, MN for a FREE show on July 26th 2009. If you go to a show in your neck of the woods, and you do NOT like the performance, I'll do your laundry for you for a week. Now there's a challenge you can't pass up!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Thrill-Seeker's Dream Come True

All of us have defining moments
in our lives, even if we
immediately realize them.
Sitting on the
living room floor
of my parents modest 3-bedroom

ranch watching the black & white
Philco televison set
that was tuned
to Channel 12-Milwaukee (CBS),
a cold & wintery February Sunday evening in Wisconsin,
while waiting for the number one variety show host
(a man with a booming voice named ED) to announce the
coming of the fabulous 'Beatles'! I was barely old enough
to understand what I was watching, but even then, the
electrified guitars they were weilding held me in a state
of amazement. Suddenly, right there on the living room
floor at 208 Jefferson St in Beaver Dam, WI a seed was
planted. Though it would take a few years to germinate
and grow, the key was planted.
This same seed was planted in the minds & hearts of
many American, young & old. The world had just been
changed, right then & there on a black & white Philco TV.

Now, fast forward about 8 years >>>>>>>>>>>>>>|

Living in a world where AM rock radio was king may seem
like it would have been an audio world of crackle & pop.
An interference-filled medium that would seem like it could
not inspire.This would not be the case in the long run,
rather, it was all we had, but it was amazingly inspiring.
Daily radio shows were steeped in creativity

At this stage of my life I was too young to actually attend
Woodstock, but thanks to the offerings of AM rock giant's
such as WLS-Chicago, WOKY-Milwaukee, and after 10pm,
KAAY-Little Rock, the fact that I was not born early enough
to put me in a farm field in NY state, the aforementioned
"big-sticks" turned out to be a suitable alternative in retrospect.

It would not only be the music that became inspiring
to me, but the disc jockey's themsleves.
In some cases, maybe even more inspiring than the music itself.
I detected passion and enthusiasm infused into their
their daily rants and musical offerings . Larry Luzak &
John 'records' Landecker of WLS-Chicago would be two
who had an impact on me. Bob Barry of "fun-lovin" WOKY-
Radio in Milwaukee would also leave an imprint upon my
brain. I could hear the preparation in their styles,
along with a kind of mystique that seemed very interesting
and attractive to me. Perhaps it was the interaction with
the listeners, or the idea of actually becoming to know
the artists through the interview process, or promotional
events. It just seemed to me to be such a damn cool profession,
but an unlikely dream for this buck-tooth, big-eared kid from
southeast Wisconsin. Life would ultimately take me in
a completely different direction, but again, a seed had been planted.

FAST FORWARD 20 years>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|

Oct 1990 - An uncoventional thrill-seeker and dream come true.

During a prolonged stint of unemployment due to a raging
fire that
burnt my employer's business to the ground, I found
myself with a
lot of spare time on my hands. For some odd
reason my interest in
radio seemed to replant itself in my brain.
I learned of a contest on
a local 50 thousand-watt mainstream
rock station, where you could
win your own hour of air time as
a guest DJ. All you had to do is write
the station a letter and tell
them WHY you would be thee 'best choice'.

When I sat down and wrote the letter I had a premonition that
I would
in fact, win the contest, and would be offered the 1 hour
Sunday night
slot. Guess what? My premonition would be an
accurate one, indeed.

I followed the advice of the gang at Lazer 103 in Milwaukee,
with some smaller market radio folks that I had come
to know thru
my retail management job, and ba-bing! Ten days
after the Lazer 103
guest hour I had my first job in radio at WBEV
in Beaver Dam, WI.
Working weekends & fill-in weeknites around
my 'regular job'.
A Trainwreck was in the works! Stay tuned.........

(~~ to be continued ~~~)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Update......

+Working-up a cover of
Neil Young's
'Old Man'.
(I'm getting close)

+Potential snow storm/blizzard
south of Minnesooooota
der hey.

+HUGE pot of chicken stew in
the fridge.
Hell, I won't have to
cook for days!

(it's the heart-healthy variety)
+Revisiting an old radio gig
93.5 WOZZ, Appleton, WI
Gave those folks about six years.
Here.....I'll share some of that with you. (~LISTEN LIVE ~)

+If you listened to my lil TRAINWRECK
of a radio show this weekend....I SALUTE YOU!
+ ACM Award Show on CBS 7pm (cdt)
(ACM's are required viewing in this biz)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Take nothing, or nobody for granted!

A fun evening in Chicago with ZZ-Top & Vh-1 ended with a bittersweet taste left in my mouth upon arrival back at the hotel. For it was here when I learned of an absolutely unimaginable tragedy that had occurred
in San Antonio, TX.

An inspiration, and a friend; singer/songwriter & guitar phenom Monte Montgomery of Austin, TX has had to endure a lot personally & professionally, but nothing like what he an his family must endure
as he mourns the death of his 21 year-old daughter Sofia Anna.

Sofia died in a freak gun accident Monday night. The San Antonio PD continue to investigate.
Prayers for continued strength and solace, I'm certain, will be much appreciated.

If you know of Monte and have enjoyed his music in your everyday
or if you are interested in learning more about this incredible
musician, go to:

If you have sons & daughters of your own, you'll know what to do TODAY!


You will be amazed!

Sony played this mind-blowing video at their Executive Conference this year. (thanks Kylie!)
I'm certain that in the end you will be as amazed as I was.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

That was over-the-top!
Perhaps the most fun
I have ever had with
my clothes on.
Far exceeded my expectations
on many levels. The producer decided to use
one of the nine questions I submitted. Being
selected as one of the questioner's then carried
with it an extra instant upgrade to
stage-left...a mere 3 feet from Billy, Dusty & Frank
as they executed their flawless blues-infused offerings.
If you can imagine ZZ-Top playing LIVE in your
living room? That's the ticket, only LOUDER, and
with a larger crowd on hand. (aprox. 200)
I'm not going to divulge the set list, but I will tell you
that my question was based on the Red Eliminator
Hot Rod used in many of the 80's video's. Now, you'll
just have to make sure you tune (or set your TiVo's)
to Vh-1 or Vh-1 classic on 06/27/2009.
Please sign-in, or bookmark this BLOG for future
reference and updates!