Wednesday, April 1, 2009

That was over-the-top!
Perhaps the most fun
I have ever had with
my clothes on.
Far exceeded my expectations
on many levels. The producer decided to use
one of the nine questions I submitted. Being
selected as one of the questioner's then carried
with it an extra instant upgrade to
stage-left...a mere 3 feet from Billy, Dusty & Frank
as they executed their flawless blues-infused offerings.
If you can imagine ZZ-Top playing LIVE in your
living room? That's the ticket, only LOUDER, and
with a larger crowd on hand. (aprox. 200)
I'm not going to divulge the set list, but I will tell you
that my question was based on the Red Eliminator
Hot Rod used in many of the 80's video's. Now, you'll
just have to make sure you tune (or set your TiVo's)
to Vh-1 or Vh-1 classic on 06/27/2009.
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