Thursday, April 2, 2009

Take nothing, or nobody for granted!

A fun evening in Chicago with ZZ-Top & Vh-1 ended with a bittersweet taste left in my mouth upon arrival back at the hotel. For it was here when I learned of an absolutely unimaginable tragedy that had occurred
in San Antonio, TX.

An inspiration, and a friend; singer/songwriter & guitar phenom Monte Montgomery of Austin, TX has had to endure a lot personally & professionally, but nothing like what he an his family must endure
as he mourns the death of his 21 year-old daughter Sofia Anna.

Sofia died in a freak gun accident Monday night. The San Antonio PD continue to investigate.
Prayers for continued strength and solace, I'm certain, will be much appreciated.

If you know of Monte and have enjoyed his music in your everyday
or if you are interested in learning more about this incredible
musician, go to:

If you have sons & daughters of your own, you'll know what to do TODAY!


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