Thursday, April 9, 2009

an absolute inspiration!

Perhaps you read last week's posting about Monte Montgomery. This is the guy who inspired me to finally go out (after many years of procrastination) and purchase a quality instrument/s, sign-up for lessons, and learn the guitar. I continued with lessons for about 8 months. I still consider myself a student of the instrument. Not bad for an old dude who took up playing at the tender age of 4__, eh? I've been playing for a little over 4 years now. Remember Monte's name, and should he come to your town, please go see him!
I will buy your tickets if you like! He's coming here to Rochester, MN for a FREE show on July 26th 2009. If you go to a show in your neck of the woods, and you do NOT like the performance, I'll do your laundry for you for a week. Now there's a challenge you can't pass up!



  1. This is so sick! Playin' acoustic like that that's the true test. I have got to show my students this one!

  2. Isn't he jaw-drop amzing Axe? You should witness
    how he uses harmonics......Monte is *sic*

    Guitar Player Mag published their TOP 50 of all time a couple
    years back...........Monte was on it!

    Investigate more for yourself!