Wednesday, April 22, 2009

12:37 am LIVE RADAR - Meteor Shower

This is so cool !
Click the URL below to LISTEN to LIVE
RADAR of the Lyrid Meteors as they are
detected, and fly overhead.

You will hear a definitive 'PING' as the meteor is detected.
I'm heading out to a dark site around 2:30am (cdt) local
Chances are I will UPDATE a little later this morning (Weds)

UPDATE 4:54am
Counted 44 Lyrids in an 80 min. span
of non-stop viewing. (3am-4:20am)
Sky conditions were absolutely 'pristine'
for this viewing session.
Certainly NOT a remarkable event
by any standard.
Hopefully the Geminids in Aug will
yield more.


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  1. Thx for visiting my blog (or should I say one of the many on my account LOL). What a pleasant surprise to see something from you. "I've got to be..."is actually the main blog so if you want the more up to date's there.

    You're so lucky to have "pristine" conditions to view meteors even if it was unimpressive. There's so much light around here most nights that we're lucky if we see anything short of the brighter stars.