Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Update......

+Working-up a cover of
Neil Young's
'Old Man'.
(I'm getting close)

+Potential snow storm/blizzard
south of Minnesooooota
der hey.

+HUGE pot of chicken stew in
the fridge.
Hell, I won't have to
cook for days!

(it's the heart-healthy variety)
+Revisiting an old radio gig
93.5 WOZZ, Appleton, WI
Gave those folks about six years.
Here.....I'll share some of that with you. (~LISTEN LIVE ~)

+If you listened to my lil TRAINWRECK
of a radio show this weekend....I SALUTE YOU!
+ ACM Award Show on CBS 7pm (cdt)
(ACM's are required viewing in this biz)


  1. hi Steve! your blog is fun! and i salute you!!

    I did catch some of your radio show :)

    what i like best about your blog is the fotos - sharing your goals and your humor!!

    take care! Sonja Clawson