Friday, June 18, 2010

Severe Thunderstorms of June 17, 2010

Supercell thunderstorms developed across southern Minnesota
during the afternoon of Thursday June 17th producing tornadoes
and large hail initially. These storms then developed a line of
damaging wind gusts that moved through parts of Rochester, MN
and eventually grew to produce strong to severe winds across much
of southeast Minnesota, northeast Iowa, and into western Wisconsin
into the evening hours.

Tornado damage surveys in Dodge County, MN continue,
but an EF1 tornado was determined in northwest Rochester, MN
which occurred shortly after 900 p.m. CDT.


Radar image from 949 p.m. CDT showing a squall line with two
distinct "bows" or strong winds areas.
Radar image from 908 p.m. CDT showing a bow or strong winds
across Olmsted County, MN.
Radar image from 822 p.m. CDT showing rotation near
Dodge County, MN.

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