Wednesday, October 27, 2010

UPDATE: Rumors running RAMPANT relative to tonite's Roger Waters show in St Paul

While culling thru TWITTER this AM:

Just confirmed: David Gilmour and Roger Waters are in St. Paul today!!!!!
Xcel is the mystery show!!!!!! via/KQRS

Word is Roger Waters AND David Gilmour are both staying at the St. Paul Hotel.
Should be a good show tonight!

I called the aforementioned KQRS (Twin Cities classic rocker)
to try to CONFIRM what was tweeted. The woman I spoke to
basically repeated the info contained in the 2 TWEETS above.
She did say that the KQRS Morning Show did announce the
RUMOR on their airwaves this AM. Watch for UPDATES
during the course of the day!



  1. I've been searching the iNet all morning to confirm...I got nada. The suspense is driving me mad. Gilmour is God.

  2. I hear ya....... I'm going CRAZY over this, too!
    We'll find out soon enough I guess. I'm sure the
    rumors have helped move some extra tickets