Sunday, April 4, 2010

Broil King gets my 'squeal of approval' (I'm convinced!)

Do NOT focus on my AC/DC shorts.......
you'll become too distracted!
Broil King gets my 'squeal of approval' (I'm convinced!) The research paid off! This thing 'SMOKES' any Weber in my humble opinion!
All the features I coveted, and as beautiful inside as it is
on the outside. The rotisserie motor is almost completely
silent, and stronger than it looks. Notice the horizontal
back burner exclusively for use w/ the rotisserie spit.

On the mark.........

get set.........


After 70 minutes. Time for a very light coat of sauce now....

This grill is a BEAST with regards to total grilling power.
Absolutely ZERO (0) flare-ups......nada, zip!
Great control,
which is why Broil King - Signet 70 gets the Steve Richards
'squeal of approval'!

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