Monday, April 12, 2010

County Style Ribs SEARED, and ready for the roaster 04/11/2010

and the HEAT Goes On..........and the HEAT Goes On o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`
In less than 20 minutes these country-style ribs were seared, and ready for the blue-speckled enamel roast pan to slow-roast to heavenly tenderness. I marinated the ribs in a mixture of apple cider
vinegar, garlic powder, and chili powder prior to hitting the cast iron grates. After searing I loaded the ribs into a lightly-greased (with olive oil), covered blue-speckled roaster, smothered the ribs
with finely-chopped sweet red pepper and onions (about 2 cups) &
added about 2 cups of thinned BBQ sauce of your choice
(I used Original KC masterpiece). I once again used apple cider
vinegar to THIN the BBQ sauce, and provide extra ZING and
tenderness to the meat. Into a pre-heated 325 degree oven for
2 (two) hours, basting & checking for done-ness only one at
about the 80 min. mark. FALL-OFF-THE-BONE-TENDERNESS
Hickory Chips added to the cast iron box on the right added good hickory flavor in just 20 minutes. Once again, I contend this grill is a "BEAST" with regards to sear-power (and shear power!) MEAT.....MEAT.....MEAT.....MEAT.......


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  2. JEALOUS! I have an electric (shhh - don't tell on me!) that was given to me and I really want my old gas grill back :( Incentive to buy a new one :)

    Ignore the comment missing above - my kids account - oops!