Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eagles - Earlybird Live from 1973

Eagles - Earlybird
Live from 1973
Guitar/vocals - Glenn Frey
Banjo/vocals - Bernie Leadon
Bass/vocals - Randy Meisner
Drums/vocals - Don Henley

This, and the previous post below are truly a FLASHBACK
to 1973 /74.
I was a Junior in High School.
I was also very into the culture of the day.

I was fairly popular in the general school culture,
mainly due to athletics.
But I was also well known
for breaking athletic training rules, and neck-
deep in the party/drug culture.

Thru all that, NEVER have I ever heard 'Earlybird' by the Eagles until
earlier today. ( 1am early at I was so blown away that I had
to post it here. As a student of stringed instruments that can deliver an
element of TWANG, I have watched it at least 10 times today in hopes
of memorizing chord shapes & switches, but mostly, just to soak in
MORE from the era. (like I really need more) I plopped 'Take It Easy'
in below just to get another taste of the sweetness this band delivered,
not to mention that Linda Ronstadt was also guesting,
along with
Jackson Browne. Linda, one of my 1st 'rockstar' crushes.
Don Felder was now also part of the mix, which signaled a more
sophisticated sound was in the works. I actually remember this
Don Kirschner appearance. I hope you can gain some enjoyment
from both video's. (what would we do without YouTube?)


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  1. This was a really cool share. Hmmm '74...I *might* have been in kindergarten by then depending on the time of year.