Thursday, May 7, 2009

WARNING: Some may find the following image disturbing I've taken a few days away from this blog.
I was so in[[[[ SHOCK ]]]]]] I found it hard to find
a topic that would be interesting, so I stayed away.
It's like.........another confirmation that Bazzar-O-World
is here! We're living it! I mean is, we are!
I could make a list to prove my point.
I'm now wondering if I should go out and buy I telescope
so I can personally monitor whether the killer asteroid or
comet is near. I'd like to know. I have the astronomical
skills and abilities.

But wait......wheeww! That was close! Looks like it's NOT
going to happen. However, I still stand by my claim that we
have entered a very unusual point in time. I may go out
and buy a scope anyway. Yet another Bazzaro day in the
political world, too........but I'll behave today!


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