Monday, May 11, 2009

A pepper run to SE Wisconsin!

Beaver Dam Pepper
A Hungarian heirloom local favorite brought to Beaver Dam,
WI by the
Joe Hussli family in 1929 (my Great Uncle- RIP).
Elongated 5 to 8 inch
slightly wrinkled peppers have excellent
flavor with flesh that's crunchy
and mildly hot when seeded.
It gives a nice zip to sandwiches, stuffed
peppers and salsa.
The 15 to 18 inch plants yield an amazing number of

fruits that ripen from lime-green to red.

Last year I was able find my plants right here in Minnesota. Sadly,
the grower who mailed my plants to me thru the US mail last year
passed away earlier this year. His family has canceled their mail
program for this growing season.

This means road trip to south eastern Wisconsin early Tuesday
arriving in Beaver Dam around 9 am. Of course,
this also means that I
should be able to surprise some family
and friends.

Hmm?? I better take at least 1 guitar, too!
(I feel a jam-session coming on)


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