Monday, May 25, 2009

ZZ-Top on Vh1 & Vh1classic - Storytellers!

A new VH1 Storytellers episode
starring ZZ Top will premiere
June 27 on the cable network.
The show, which commemorates
the Texas blues-rock trio's 40th
anniversary, was taped March 31
at Chicago's Congress Theatre.
The program also will debut July 4
on the VH1 Classic and Palladia channels.

Meanwhile, frontman Billy Gibbons reports
that ZZ Top are hoping to release their
upcoming studio album "before we celebrate
our 41st anniversary."

PR Newswire

Imagine ZZ-Top playing a LIVE set in your living room.......that's what this was like!
I was thrilled to be seated on stage for the entire taping, a mere 5 feet from the band as they played thru their set. (stage left, 2nd row) One of the
questions I submitted prior was used for this session,
so obviously, I was afforded the opportunity to ask the
question myself.
Yet another item to check off my bucket list!


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