Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mission accomplished ! (ROUND ONE)

A nice road trip to
SE WI. It's always
enjoyable visiting
the old stomping
grounds, even
I really
don't STOMP

much anymore.

The blue-haired
woman running
the greenhouse
had no clue about
the righteous history
of this particular
strain of pepper,
so I brought her up-
to-speed. (she got
my best pepper-rant)

I ended up giving some plants to all three of

my daughters, and my brother Jerry who I
knew would be absolutely thrilled to get his
hands on some of these.

The plants transplanted nicely and are on the deck hardening
to their new environment as I type this. It's kind of cool &
blustery today as a cold front
has just plowed through.
ROUND ONE is well underway!

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